Skill Sharing

Vanessa Stöckel, Marina Rost

4. semester, summer semester 18

Course: UX in application I

by Jonathan Bölz, Michael Ognew

The two complementary parts of the EisZeit application are designed to make the daily work of ice-cream manufacturer (ice-creamist) much easier. The application displays the customer's orders and can process them. In addition, the EisZeit application can be used to organize many other things that occur in the everyday life of an ice-cream shop owner. From planning to intelligent assistance in compiling new recipes.

The app for the customer is the counterpart. Via a map it is possible to select an ice cream shop and get the current flavours of the day in advance. Afterwards, the costumer can easily put together their own ice cream sundae without waiting and pay online without annoying change, which is also more hygienic for the ice-creamist. Furthermore, the app offers the possibility to inform yourself about the ingredients of the ice cream flavours.

Here you'll find the clickdummy for the customer.
For the clickdummy of the ice-creamist, click here.

First Steps

To give ourselves not only a sense of the ice cream profession, but also a deeper understanding of everyday work and the tasks involved, we not only conducted interviews, but also received a lot of information through cultural probes and the Be Your Own Customer method and were able to gather new insights.


For information about our second target group, the customers, we asked people of different ages about their habits when buying ice cream and made use of further Design Thinking and UX methods.


The two applications were developed through several iterations. In order to test and improve the versions, we used the direct contact to the two target groups and different methods, such as a Semantic Differential or a Think Aloud. The use of Adobe Experience Design made it possible for us to work flexible and to run regular tests with the users.



Since the customer's user interface plays a special role for the ice cream purchase and looks not only summery but just as tasty, we lovingly handcrafted matching illustrations. The app of the Ice Creamist, on the other hand, is more suitable and professional for everyday work.


The documentation for the project can be found here: Documentation - EisZeit