Robin Deeg, Jana Seemann, Mario Rieker, Marina Rost

3. semester, winter semester 17/18

Course: Design Thinking

by Prof. Benedikt Groß, Bianca Koch

This prototype made with VR glasses, was specifically designed for empathizing with people who are affected by the so-called migraine with aura. The affected person has a limited field of view, which is interfered by floating white spots. At our presentaion the other students were able to test the prototype and see the world through the eyes of an person affected by migraine with aura.


Design thinking methods should help us within the research and ideation process, as well as the further development of the project. For this project it was particularly important to focus on the affected persons and include them as much and often as possible in the development.

"I have a form of migraine with aura. It starts with a kind of sparkle in one eye and the glittering then spreads out and can become like one or more blind spots."
- Denise F.

To get specific insights on migraines, we held up to 14 interviews for this short project. We ourselves were very pleasantly surprised by the personal insights and generally new insights we could gather this way. These insights were also essential in the implementation and general presentation on the subject.