Vanessa Stöckel, Jana Seemann, Marina Rost

1. semester, winter semester 16/17

Course: Technologies

by Laurens Rinke

The task in the three-day block seminar "Technologies" was: "to develop interactive machines that communicate with each other through a network and thereby change their behavior". The behavior should be human or animal-like.

We decided to develop and design an artificial flower that would display the water level in a flower bed or flower pots by changing its blossom color and buckling the flowers stem. For this purpose, we folded a blossom made out of paper. In the center of the blosson is an RGB LED incorporated.
The wires form the stem of the flower and the buckling of the stem works through a servo motor. A humidity sensor, which is controlled by an Arduino just like the Flower, measures the water content in the soil.


The communication between the two installations, the flower and the sensor, works through the program vvvv, which establishes a network connection between two laptops and the two Arduinos. Thus, the flower is the receiver and the humidity sensor is the transmitter. The Arduino with the humidity sensor sends via vvvv the values from the flower bed to the second Arduino with the flower and the motor. The code for the Power Flower determines specific colors and movement of the motor for specific value ranges.