Anika Sierra Eifert, Arthur Farger, Vanessa Stöckel, Marina Rost

2. semester, summer semester 17

Course: 3D Basics In Media Space

by Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro

In our E-Arcade Game QU-BE two players are able to play together, through the levels of our Jump n 'Run Game. The two characters of the players each have different skills, so they need to work together to achieve the goal of each level.

The project was mostly implemented in the programming language Javascript and a Box2D Library. The setting is a world of purely geometric shapes, the figures themselves are a circle and a square. With the circle being able to jump and the square to move boxes. The two characters with their different skills call for teamwork.

The technology of the controllers is largely made up of the technology of a Makey-Makey, which allows you to turn almost anything into a controller. For our game, we wanted to create models for the controllers using a CAD program. Our then 3D-printed controllers match the shapes und colors of the two characters in the game.


The gaming experience has been made pleasurable but entertaining by fitting music and sounds to certain actions, as well as by eliminating frustrating and disruptive factors.

Download: QU-BE