Vanessa Stöckel, Lea Rosental,
Marina Rost

2. semester, summer semester 17

Course: Mobile Media

by Prof. Jens Döring

The task in the field of mobile media was to create a navigation system for a special target group. This navigation system should have no output by voice, text or symbols.

The target group of our navigation system are police officers searching for missing persons. In order to make the search more efficient and clearer for the searchers, the policeman equipped with our search belt is conveniently directed from one area to the other. It is navigated by vibration motors, which are incorporated on the respective side of the belt.

The belt is rechargeable and the perfect solution to navigate a policeman without distracting him/her, as the attention of the policemen is the most important thing in the search and should under no circumstances be affected. It was particularly important to address the target group and also to make direct contact in order to adapt our concept and the development completely with the needs of the customer.

After all, it was our task to develop a form (picture above) and a functional prototype (picture below). With the function prototype it should be possible to simulate the guidance of a person with the navigation system.


The search for a missing person works in a way that the previously limited area on a map is divided into so-called "grid squares". These are then systematically searched in rows. The policemen walk close together. In the user interviews it turned out, however, that as a searching person one has no overview of where one is currently located in the entire search area. That's why our search belt makes it so easy to navigate the policeman from one grid square to the next.