Vanessa Stöckel, Jana Seemann, Marina Rost

1. semester, winter semester 16/17

Course: Technical Basics

by Prof. Michael Schuster

The task was to develop an autonomous musical instrument. This is equipped with a photo sensor, which converts the light pulses of the master (in our case a turntable with lamps whose rhythm of the signals can be changed) with the help of an Arduino and an engine into a mechanical movement, which in turn generates the sounds.

So right at the beginning we split into groups and came up with all kinds of ways to create sounds and noises in both conventional and unconventional ways. After various considerations and initial experiments, we finally decided to build a bellows that would make a flute play through the air.

We built the bellow especially for this project. The construction of the bellow also brought it with some hurdles, such as actually sealing the bellow airtight to finally get the strongest possible sounds with the flute. Another difficulty was the drive of the bellows, for this we finally decided to mount a round disc on a model construction gear motor, which moves an "arm". This "arm" actuates the bellow by up and down movements.


The musical instruments of all groups should then all be set up and played simultaneously so that they can play together as an orchestra. To this goal, we first coordinated the instruments and made sure that they all responded to the same beat without any delays.