Vanessa Stöckel, Jana Seemann,
Marina Rost

6. semester, summer semester 19

Course: Areas Of Focus II

by Prof. Jens Döring, Prof. Dr. Markus Weinberger

Efficient work over a complete working day can only be carried out if physical well-being is ensured. Therefore, it is all the more important to take sporadic breaks. These breaks do not have to be long. Only five minutes per hour can guarantee higher productivity and concentration. Just as relevant as the number of breaks is how you spend them. Even standing up for a short time relieves the musculature and can thus help prevent postural damage and the associated pain. In general, regular exercise in everyday life helps for general, long-term well-being.

Due to long periods of concentration and many tasks, however, these time-outs are often lost and forgotten. Work.out offers the employee the opportunity to be reminded of these breaks at different intervals. The two possibilities of the 'free break' and the 'movement break' are placed to him here at the disposal. This means for example, that coffee breaks can be tracked quickly and easily as free breaks. During movement pauses, instructions and inspirations for various exercises are offered so that you can start directly with the movement. This enables the user to remain productive and active throughout the entire working day.

By different break intervals fixed break times and thus also the waiting for the next break are prevented, which guarantees the user continuous concentration. The length of the pause also varies from pause to pause to ensure variety.



work.out also addresses the personal needs of users. In the settings, the user can specify which exercises he personally prefers and which he cannot or does not want to carry out. Exercises can be sorted by different body regions as well as by degree of difficulty to make it easier for the

In another menu item, users are also given the opportunity to view personal statistics. In addition, they can optionally compare themselves with colleagues within the office or with other companies and offices. In addition to the tolerance for exercises in the office, this should also encourage employees motivation in the form of small challenges.


The documentation for the project can be found here: Documentation - work.out