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Inspired by round shapes and the Bauhaus style - my font Penguin. The individual glyphs consist of rings in different sizes and were broken down into quarter rings when needed, combined with a bold stroke width. Penguin is the result of an experimental workshop on glyphs and type design.

Penguin bold and light font-weight
-> Penguin bold and light font weight

Creating Glyphs

We documented the processes and the work progress of our entire group as well as the results of this productive week with our Instagram account set up especially for this occasion - Typoglyphy. The work results of the entire group were then presented through an internal university exhibition as part of the seminar week. Our goal for the exhibition was to create a space filled with glyphs where the visitor could move around and look at the different glyphs and typefaces that were created during this workshop.

Penguin Icon

Work Process

To get inspired and try out different possibilities, I put together the first draft of the letters from cutting out different shapes from a grid element template. After that, everyone in the wokrshop continued to work on their most exciting and interesting design concept for their glyphs. To create a digital draft version of all glyphs and numbers I decided to work out different variations of the glyphs in Adobe Illustrator. The next step was to fine tune the final glyphs in the Glyphs Font Editor.

Different Glyphs
-> Various glyphs (visible from left to right: G, B, A, Z and Q)

Project Info



Marina Rost


3. semester (B.A.)
winter semester 2017/18

Typedesign and Grids (seminar week)

My Role



Marvin Boiko