Project Selection


Coded Fairness Project Booklet and posters

Coded Fairness Project – enabling a bias-sensitive development process of ML algorithms | Master Thesis

A set of methods that enables development teams and companies to deal with the issue of bias and unfairness in the development.

viltr. products

viltr. – vision beyond reality

Viltr. is a speculative design project that explores the idea of personalized vision. A potential future is outlined in which people are able to individually enhance their vision through visual filters.

Bye Bye Bias campaign poster

Bye Bye Bias

A communication strategy to raise awareness about cognitive biases and how they influence our actions and thinking.

Lili products

lili – Next Generation Menopause

Through the variety of lili products and services, women going through menopause are supported in many ways to deal with and reflect on this new chapter in their lives.

hismo at the excavation

hismo – Digital assistence in the field of archaeology | Bachelor Thesis

The digital product world of hismo simplifies and supports the entire process of archaeological excavations. From the planning of the excavation to the publication of the results.

IoTrash UI

Internet of Trash

A tracking tool for waste, which offers a better overview of the waste situation in large cities. Both for city workers themselves, as well as city planners.

work.out UI


With the help of this application the user will be able to integrate more movement into their working life and will be supported on different levels to cultivate a productive and healthy workflow.


Tinker Bricks

A programmable toy for children as a maker project. A small vehicle can be controlled, by placing LEGO Duplo bricks onto a LEGO board.