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Raising awareness for cognitive biases


Bye Bye Bias poster at a bus stop

With the help of the fictitious organization Bye Bye Bias, people are being informed about the different types of cognitive biases and their effects. For this purpose, a communication strategy was developed that is intended to create awareness and sustainably inform people.

Biases are unconsciously anchored in every human being. These biases influence our daily thoughts and actions. In total, there are over 180 cognitive biases. Most people are not aware of their own biases and are influenced by them in their daily actions.

Bye Bye Bias poster
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People should reflect on their own ways of thinking and acting with the knowledge about biases. By informing about various biases, the actions of other people can become more comprehensible. Especially people with a lot of power (like managers, recruiters, authority figures like teachers etc.), who have a direct influence on the future and the lives of others with their decisions, need to be educated as well.

This resulted in two dialog groups for us, which we intended to reach. On the one hand, the public, since we see great potential to close an existing knowledge gap. On the other hand, we see it as necessary to reach people in authority because of the power they have to act and the influence they have on others.

"We want to specifically educate the public about the various forms of biases and their impact in everyday situations."

Essential Dialog Groups

Bye Bye Bias exxential dialog groups
-> The focus of dialog groups of Bye Bye Bias

Our Vision

The goals of the organization include, on the one hand, to provide education, but also to create a sense of responsibility about biases and one's own actions. Various measures are used to try to achieve these goals. The measures take place by using different channels in order to reach as large a crowd as possible.

The different channels not only allows us to reach different people with it, but also to reach different levels of bias awareness. From general awareness, to knowledge transfer, to independent use and dissemination of knowledge.

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Bye Bye Bias Landing Page

Our Strategy

The communication strategy primarily includes a social media campaign and two guerrilla marketing actions. The first includes posters that inform about different biases and are distributed at context-related locations in the city center. In a second guerrilla marketing action, a public exhibition with interactive elements will be placed in the pedestrian zone.

Communication Strategy Phases

Bye Bye Bias Phases
-> Project phases of the fictitious organisation Bye Bye Bias

The social media campaign accompanies both actions and the social media channels provide a reliable point of contact and opportunity for further reference. Later on, the organization offers training and expands its own repertoire by launching its own platform. This is intended to serve as a comprehensive reference work on biases and to communicate the forms of biases in a tangible way to a young target audience by including short YouTube clips.

Bye Bye Bias Sicoal Media Campaign
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Mike Lehmann
Marina Rost


2. semester (M.A.)
winter semester 2020/21

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