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»…ignored, misunderstood, because it’s hidden, you can’t actually see it« [1] Menopause - a topic that is still too rarely and reluctantly discussed. However, sooner or later it affects 50% of the world's population. Like puberty and menstruation, menopause is part of a woman's life. Every day women enter menopause. By 2025 alone, 12% of the world's population will be menopausal [2]. The menopause is often accompanied by physical and psychological problems.

Due to a drastic drop in hormones, hot flashes, sleep disturbances and mood swings make things difficult for women. Just to mention three of the 34 symptoms that affect about two thirds of women during menopause. [3]

In both private and public life, menopause is still often considered a taboo subject. Help is sought at the gynaecologist, but health insurance companies do not honour counselling sessions. As a result, counselling sessions are very brief and superficial. In a conversation with Dr. Schaudig, the president of the German Menopause Society, we learn: "[The menopausal issue] is a blind spot in the training [of gynaecologists]. The lack of funding and the lack of education make it clear - changes must be made here! "Not only the menopause itself but also how we deal with it makes us ill," explains Mariann Gellai, a menopausal consultant. Symptoms and stress often interact, which is why women who are particularly challenged at work are usually more affected by symptoms.

-> Lili concept and products (with german voice over)

Our Goals

menopausal woman at work
-> Symptoms caused by stress are particularly annoying at the workplace

For this reason, we want to support women in their menopausal years who are struggling with a lack of education, symptoms and social incomprehension. Because we believe that the symptoms of the menopause shouldn't affect the quality of life for women. The focus here was on women who are particularly challenged in their jobs. We want to offer exactly these women the possibility to deal with stress and symptoms.

Lili - Lifelike Products and Services

Unlike previous products on the market, the Lili product and service world offers a range of products and services based on education and the opportunity for reflection.

Lili.App and Lili.bracelet
-> Lili.App and Lili.Bracelet

The Lili.Event brings women and their friends together with a trained menopausal consultant. The women and their individual experiences are the focus of the Lili.Event. At this event, supporting everyday companions are also presented.

Lili.Event Marketing


The Lili.Bracelet is wearable and can track various vital data and warn in case of a symptom. Additionally it offers the data basis for the corresponding Lili.App. The bracelet is not intended to be just another addition to the market of countless smart watches or fitness trackers, but to motivate and empower women.

Lili.App Screens

The more the user works together with the Lili.App, the more contexts between stress in everyday life and symptoms can be understood. The Lili.App summarizes all data and gives individual tips. At the same time, more empathy is created in the people's environment and the topic of menopause is freed from taboos.

Lili Symptom Tracking

The Lili.Workshop and products like the Lili.App.Business, together with the Lili.Bracelet.Business, offer a scaling to the company context. With these products we create a stabilization and promotion of a healthy corporate culture, while employees are relieved on a personal level. Lili can sustainably prevent stress-related illnesses like burnout. Not only managers but also the employees themselves get an overview of their stress level. The overview gained as well as tips and exercises are intended to reduce stress and promote empathy towards colleagues.

Our Vision

Because "Even Google Maps can only tell me how to get somewhere, if it knows where I am" (quote from Mariann Gellai). We not only want to provide the opportunity for reflection and understanding of correlations, but also to advance the stagnating research in Germany towards menopause and hormone research. Hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone can only be measured by blood and saliva samples. Unfortunately, these tests are done far too rarely for female patients, although they actually provide an important overview of the hormone levels. In the future, Lili.Sensor.Dot should enable women to take only hormonal drugs that are actually dosed on the body. The hormone sensor would be fixed on the inside of a tooth.

-> The Lili.Sensor.Dot to measure your hormone levels

Lili.Sensor.Dot Innovation

Project Focus

The goal of the semester project was to create a (fictitious) start-up that was as realistic as possible. This included finding a topic and actually addressing a gap in the market. The aim was not only to design the products, but also to build up a brand. The logical development of a product world and the creation of a realistic roadmap. The financial planning and strategic argumentation of the start-up was also part of the project.

Lili Roadmap
-> Roadmap of the fictitious start-up Lili

Work Process Impressions

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the Summer Semester 2020 started as the first remote semester at HfG. The previously known work process had to be rethought and extended by additional applications. The project was realized completely remotely via Zoom. Miro was used for collaborative work and an overview of all our findings. We also conducted our interviews and expert discussions via video chat. Despite the unfamiliar situation at the start, we quickly got used to the workflow and benefited from the efficiency of the new tools we had grown fond of.


[1] BBC Three - What It Feels Like To Have Early Menopause, 2018.
[2] Forbes - Menopause Unveils Itself As The Next Big Opportunity In Femtech, 2019.
[3] UK Meds - What are the 34 symptoms of menopause?, 2019.

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