I'm Marina, a User Experience and Strategic Designer from Stuttgart, currently living in Berlin. I have a Bachelor of Arts in 'Internet of Things - Design of Networked Systems' and a Master of Arts in 'Strategic Design'.

Marina Rost Illustration zu UX, UI und Strategic Design

My Focus

If you are looking for my areas of expertise, here are a few of my key skills. To achieve the best possible outcome in projects, I like to combine the different fields and disciplines.

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Strategic Design

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UX Design

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Latest Projects


Coded Fairness Project Booklet and Posters

Coded Fairness Project – enabling a bias-sensitive development process of ML algorithms | Master Thesis

A set of methods that enables development teams and companies to deal with the issue of bias and unfairness in development. Thereby, especially critical and discriminating biases in Machine Learning will be reduced in the long run.

lili – Next Generation Menopause

Through the variety of lili products and services, women going through menopause are supported in many ways to deal with and reflect on this new chapter in their lives. The fictional start-up 'lili' not only relies on relfexion, but also on communication and the breaking of a taboo topic.

Lili products